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Thank you for stopping by!  We are a small family hobby farm located in Southern California where we enjoy gardening and raising animals with our children.  

Please explore our Candle Shop where you'll find unique, non-toxic candles in a variety of scents.  All of our candles are made with all-natural soy wax and are hand poured in small batches right here on the farmstead.

We also have a small family rabbitry of holland lop and teddywidder bunnies.  Stop by and see what bunnies are available for adoption, view past litters,
or meet our herd.    

Spotted Hooves Family Farmstead

Loved Lops Rabbitry at the Spotted Hooves Farmstead

Holland Lops



Holland Lops are the smallest breed of lop eared rabbits, being only two to four pounds full grown.  They come in a wide range of colors and patterns, and their soft fur is short in length.


Holland Lops are calm rabbits that spend time both playing and relaxing. They are known as a friendly breed and can learn to relax with their humans. As with most breeds, they enjoy having chew toys or sticks to nibble. They can be litter box trained, and can be kept either as indoor or outdoor pets (if outdoor, make sure to understand specific needs in different temperatures).




We are so excited to begin our journey raising Teddywidders.  These cuties are an extremely rare breed that was first developed in Germany.  Teddywidders were developed from a double mane lionhead, fuzzylop, and angora.  They have long fur all over their bodies and require brushing twice weekly.  They have floppy ears and grow to be between 3-4 pounds.  


The temperament of Teddywidders is why we decided to raise them as a family.  They are known to be gentle, calm, and cuddly and are sometimes called the “lap dogs” of bunnies.

Babydoll Sheep

Babydoll sheep (full name Old English Southdown Babydoll ) are a small breed originating in England.  We have found them to be gentle, fun and easy to keep on a small homestead. 


We are not breeding our sheep at this time but love them so much that we wanted to share them in this space. 


Please contact us if you have any questions about this adorable breed.


Please visit the shop for hand-poured,  

all natural, soy candles.

About Us

Our family started our small hobby farm together in the Spring of 2017.  We love the life lessons that our children are gaining through caring for animals, tending to the land, and keeping a garden.  
Our small family rabbitry is run with the utmost love and care.  We are committed to breeding responsibly and ethically.  All our bunnies are handled by adults and children on a daily basis and are even socialized with our other pets. When you adopt a bunny from us, you can be sure they are getting the best possible start to their life.  
Kari has been hand pouring non-toxic, soy wax candles for nearly seven years. Love and attention to detail go into each and every one. Local delivery, as well as various shipping options, are available at checkout.  

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