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Summer Candle Collection and Why Candles are for Summer!

I'll admit, there is something about the glow of a candle in fall and winter that creates a cozy, warm ambiance. But I'm also convinced that candles are equally enjoyable during the summer months.

Here's why!

Candle fragrances are seasonal:

It's hard to enjoy a candle that smells like coconut when the winter rain is coming down. Summer is filled with fresh smells so let your candles reflect that!

Summer is a time for gathering:

Summer days are long and beautiful and are often filled with family and friends gathering for a BBQ or pool party! Candles will give your home an inviting glow or make a perfect gift to bring to someone hosting.

About our summer candle collection:

Coconut Bamboo:

This is truly a luxurious candle and has been a favorite for our customers. It will remind you of being on a tropical vacation or relaxing by the pool. It's fresh coconut scent is complemented by a slight touch of wood and vanilla. You guys, it's sooooo nice!

Lavender Sage:

This candle will take you straight to the spa! It is a calming and relaxing blend of herbs, lavender and sage. This is truly a beautiful candle!

Grapefruit and Mint:

Ripe, tangy and fresh! This candle is refreshing and sweet... the perfect summer candle!

Sea Mist:

This candle is fresh with a subtle hint of floral. Nothing says summer better than the beach! Enjoy the scents of the ocean, even if you can't be there, with this airy, oceanic scent.

*All our candles are made with 100 percent all-natural soy.

Wicks are lead and zinc free.

Fragrances are phthalate free

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