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Loved Lops Rabbitry at the Spotted Hooves Farmstead

Available Teddywidder Bunnies

Six gorgeous American Teddywidders were born on our homestead this December.

Reservations for these cuties will begin on January 19th.


Born: December 17th:

Ready to go home: February 11th


Please contact us if you would like to be put on our interest list!


Go to the contact button and submit an email with the name of the bunny you wish to reserve. A specific bunny will be held once a venmo amount of $100 has been received. This is to make sure that you are committed to the bunny you are reserving! 


We give cuddles, love and affection to our bunnies every single day.  They are hand-raised with our children and pets, and are treated as part of our family while they are with us.  The cost of a Teddywidder from our rabbitry is $250.

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