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Opal, Willa and Basic Pig Care

I had a pig collection when I was a girl. I just couldn't resist those pink, plump, adorable little animals with their snouts and curly tails. I wanted to BE Fern in Charlotte's Web...wheeling around my baby piglet in a buggy and feeding it a bottle. Well, that's not exactly what pig ownership has looked like BUT, we love it none-the-less. It's a childhood dream come true for me and has been the most positive experience for our family.

Willa and Opal joined the farmstead in the Spring of 2018.

They make us laugh, and bring us lots of joy.

If you too, are interested in welcoming a mini pig into your family, here is some basic information that might help you get your hooves...I mean feet... wet.

Pig Care Basics: Shelter, Food, and Water!

Shelter: Pigs need shelter from the wind and rain in the winter months and from the hot sun in the summer. It doesn't need to be large but should be big enough to allow for them to stand up and turn around while inside. It should also have access to an outside area.

Food: Feed your mini pig a nutritional pelleted diet along with green veggies for snacks. Our pigs have much of the afternoon to roam our property and enjoy rooting around for goodies. Because every pig's environment will be different, each should be fed accordingly. It is important not to overfeed. Your pig will be seemingly hungry at all times...which probably sounds familiar to most parents of human children. Mini pigs, intended as pets, should not be fed scraps or sweets!

Water: Fresh water is incredibly important when caring for your mini pig. They drink a lot of water! Also, pigs have very few sweat glands and the ones they have do not work well at keeping them cool. A large kiddie pool is great to have on hand during hot months of the year. Pigs will take a little dip, which has the same evaporation effect as sweating!

And don't forget to love your piggie and trust your instincts just like you would with any other animal in your life. I bet you'll fall in love just like we have.

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